Festivalisation - What a Festival says and does

Owe Ronström van de Gotland Universteit in Zweden geeft een academische analyse over 'festivalisering'. Lees hier veder. "Festivals are also examples of a general increase in emphasis on the production of difference and distinctiveness. Festivals are a strongly globalised type of arena that often presents local musics tied to specific cultural identities. Festivals can produce desirable visibility and attention capital at the same time as they can contribute to rapidly devaluing and even consuming the capital for those who have partaken of it. Festivals are instruments for control of musical and cultural resources, as well of the aestethics, ethics, values, symbols, representations etc of the presented musics. Festival organisers thereby become controllers of political and ideological power. Festivals are also increasingly important as exchange offices, where economic capital can be changed to cultural and vice versa."